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Shawn Mayo
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When You Become a Member of Our Retail Sourcing team and Have Our Sourcing Experts Looking for Deals for You…

You Can Expect the Following:

We post BOLOs Every Day!

Our professional sourcing team searches in store daily !!

The deals will be posted to the exclusive, Private FB group that you will be given instant access to when you join today!

You will gain exclusive access to a spreadsheet of every deal we have ever found!

We provide over 200 deals per month enabling you to have a wide variety to choose from to earn profits with!!

You will gain access to our exclusive searchable app to use while sourcing in stores for Android or iOS!

All items under 100k rank and multiple sales per month!

All of our deals will earn at least a 50% ROI!

Let Our Expert Sourcing Team Find Deals in Store for You…

…Deals that You Will Earn You Substantial Profits on Amazon!

Thus, enabling You to Have a Never Ending Supply of Deals That Will Allow You to Save Hours Upon Hours of Your Own Time Searching for Profitable Deals Yourself…

All While You Sit Back and Earn Sweet Profits!

Selling products on Amazon can be highly profitable. It’s exciting to watch the money coming into your seller account. However, the catch is the time it takes to find deals and figure out if an item will generate enough profit to make a purchase worthwhile.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a service that has a team of sourcing experts looking for deals FOR you?

Well, that’s what our service provides!!

We locate products that are selling in retail stores RIGHT NOW that you can buy at Full retail price to sell on Amazon for a great profit!

We don’t mean buying from a store you never heard of. These are brand new products in original retail packaging from established retailers and hot products that are guaranteed to sell. Enabling you to earn sweet profits on EVERYTHING that you sell when you allow my team of experts to source FOR YOU!

As you may know, BOLO stands for “Be On the Look Out” and no we are not talking about the police acronym.

BOLO with Amazon refers to a hard-to-find product that you need to be looking for in order to buy cheap and flip for high profits.

It only takes a few months of doing FBA to recognize that you keep finding a specific product that seems to resell fairly fast.

Most BOLOs are hard to find (i.e. limited production or out of print items), but sometimes it’s an item that can be found many places. You’re always on the lookout for these items and sometimes hop from store to store looking for them. It could be clearance or regular priced, but you always are looking for them to buy and flip. Point - IT IS VERY TIME CONSUMING!

So, Why Do You Want to Do All of That Hard Work of Finding Profitable Deals All on Your Own…

When You Can Have Access to a Team of Expert Scouters That Does All of the Hard Work for You? That way, you can spend your time more efficiently on more important aspects of your business!

We are excited to announce a great new Bolo Group unlike any other!!

This group will be Exclusively for Retail Arbitrage. We will not be posting any OA deals, although some of the deals we find may also be found online.

Here is your chance to be a part of something BIG and take your business to the next level!

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